Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Emergency Tool: The Immutability Of The Past

On the slippery slope downwards, I have a few emergency exits - to help prevent my crash onto rock bottom. One of those exits is the immutability of the past.

Perhaps you cannot feel strong, or capable, or loved at the moment. No matter what those around you say. Perhaps it’s even hard to believe that you’ll ever feel this way again. But the past did happen.

Perhaps you’re weak at the moment - but there were times in the past when you were incredibly strong, pushing through formidable challenges. 

Perhaps you’re not doing your best work right now - but in the past you were successful, respected, appreciated. 

Perhaps today she hates you - but she used to love you truly.

And even if you will never accomplish anything as big or meaningful as those past achievements - they cannot be taken away from you. 

Focus your gaze on those shining points of light, to navigate through the engulfing darkness.

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