Friday, December 29, 2017

"Nashih Byut"

In Russian there is an expression that translates literally as "ours are being beaten". 
It's when 'one of us' is being hurt, abused, stepped on.

I'm sure you know this feeling. Perhaps from your school years - when you saw a friend being bullied - and you felt a very visceral drive to come to their aid. It wasn't just the moral thing to do, or the "socially correct" choice - it was a rush of anger, adrenaline and aggression - directed at the offenders. Perhaps a reminder of our tribal origins, perhaps a survival instinct, perhaps a deeply ingrained sense of what's right. 
These emotions give a counterweight to the equally deeply ingrained drive for self preservation, to flee from danger, not to get involved. A counterweight to inaction, to "looking the other way".

In modern first world society, in times of peace, as adults living normal lives, we do not see such situations - do not feel such emotions. We stay in our corner of the world and try not to bump into the walls too much.
So when gentle quiet misfits are being shat on by arrogant entitled assholes - be it the boss, the mortgage banker, the government official or the jock on the street - no one sees it. No one knows, or cares, so no one rushes to defend our tribesmen. 

But make no mistake: everyday, be it noon or midnight, somewhere in the world - Nashih Byut.


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