Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Abort, Retry, Ignore?

When thinking of the immortal question "Abort, Retry, Ignore?", people often praise the "I-never-quit" mentality of "Retry" and berate the self defeating attitude of "Abort" - but the "Ignore" is usually neglected.
While climbing the fortified mountain of life, when getting caught by barbed wire on the way to the top, most people choose between the brave "Retry" (pulling yourself from the wire and trying to climb onwards) and the cowardly "Abort" (giving up on this path all together). Only few life climbers ever use the third, scariest option.
"Ignore" the pain and push forward, ripping skin and flesh. Instead of getting over the obstacle, go through it. It hurts like hell but gets you to the next ledge. That's why true madman - the ones at the top - choose to press I.

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